Human Capacity Development Strategy

Professional Development
We help develop Career path for your finance professional and help them develop skill and competencies toward their career objectives.

Faculty Support
We support organisation Finance function in developing efficient and effective support services. Our support include system analysis and design, as well as implementation.

Capacity Development
Staff development is the corner stone of our support for organisations. We assist organisations with detailed  and tailor made high level technical development programme for staff of Fiinance and Accounts  department as well as Internal Control and Risk Management Depratments.

Open Progamme
We are propelled by the need to make a difference, and a change in our society. We are concerned with the totality of the development questions that face societies around the world. As it pertains to emerging and transition economies, we intend to assist in projecting such upcoming potentials to achieve
tremendous strides in the coming years. This will entail assisting in exposing professionals from such economies to the financial and other soft and hard infrastructure in more developed economies. This is our avowed mission, and raison d’etre, in contributing our quota to the development of society, and a cohesively globalised world that benefits all players. With this in mine we evolve our open training programmes as a truly international company, with presence in three countries on two continents and still growing. We intend to continue on our mission to make a solid difference.

In House / In Plant Programme
In a time where training and human capital development still takes a front seat and where organisations are under intense pressure to build the human capital that will see them through difficult times, just as they are under funding constraints, the desire to strike a balance between these two daunting challenges is what has informed our training programme design.

In view of the need to maximize limited financial resources and ensure a great number of your staff benefit from knowledgesharing especially at this critical time in the financial world, we offer the In-plant/ In-house training packages.

Setting up a Finance function or overhauling an existing function, you can always count on us to provide you with detailed business process and process improvement materials.


Knowledge Need Analysis

Part of our service is KNA which determines what best to offer your organisation in terms of man power development. We analyse the skill gaps and areas of further improvement within your organisation and provide training solutions to support the knowledge gap.


Training programmes are scheduled all year and are aligned to our wide range of services. Most of our programs are held in Nigeria. Our foreign programmes are held in UK, USA, UAE, Ghana and Kenya.


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